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What it's like to be 50

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I turn 50 this week. In the coming years I want to look back and remember that at 50 I was living my best life and that I had a blindingly bright future ahead. I want to see myself at 50: outdoors, in my natural state, un-dolled up, content with myself as a human being, ok with my body being a little thicker than I’d like but happy nonetheless, still adventurous, healthy, prosperous, at peace with God and loved ones, still sexy af, a joyful giver, grateful while taking nothing and no one for granted, still a sweetheart, still believing in the impossible, a hard-working go-getter, and beautiful in my own eyes.

Advice to those younger than 50

Live life your way. Be free. Give in to any overwhelming urges to speak up, no matter what. Let go of being a control-freak, the sooner the better. Work hard for your dreams. Believe in yourself. What you give you will get back in return. Quickly forgive those who cause you pain. Do things you enjoy often. Take care of your skin, your body, your teeth, and most importantly your mind. Become a reader. Choose faith over fear and real love over settlement. Allow change when the universe prompts. And last but not least, Trust God in all things.

There’s no formula for good living. It is all customized.

I wish you, Love Learning & Light.

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